Our Artworks Program is the newest baby to the Art2heart Family. Why is it New? Because we have moved with the challenges of our time and created a new approach to Art Online. Here Kids get a chance to explore and discover various realm by a “one 2 one“ guidance of professional Artists, both local and abroad! This unique approach has opened doors into the hearts of our kids and allowed them to see it on PAPER!

Our signature approach is our blending of “good character” qualities within the class, and using acronyms that stick in the mind.

C.R.A.V.E. helps our young people lay some solid foundational principles that must be applied in every walk of life regardless of what path they choose:
C: Commitment
R: Responsibility
A: Accountability
V: Vision
E: Example

And the ARTS? Well they are just a tool… so we that’s why “We Use the Arts to Reach the Hearts.”
And Change Lives

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